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Release Notes - ANSA / µETA


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ANSA / µETA v15.0.1 release announcement
Feb 27th, 2014

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BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of the new version v15.0.1 of the ANSA & µETA pre- & post-processing suite


Following the release of the major v15.0.0 of our ANSA / ?ETA -pre and -post processing suite, BETA CAE System S.A. announces the v15.0.1. This maintenance release focuses on resolving identified issues with v15.0.0.

Understanding the Software Release Schedule
Known issues resolved in ANSA
Known issues resolved in µETA

Understanding the Software Release Schedule

The plan:

We are committed in delivering improved and enhanced software releases, the soonest possible, in order to meet the requirement of our customers for the continuous improvement of their experience and work. Therefore, we are working in releasing new software versions with code corrections, new software features and enhancements, in regular, frequent intervals.

- A major software version is released every year. The major version v15.0.0 is made available at the beginning of the year.
- First point releases, such as v15.1.0, v15.2.0 and so on, with code corrections but also with additional software features and enhancements are released every three months.
- Second point releases, such as v15.2.1, v15.2.2, mainly with code corrections only upon their parent first point release, are scheduled on a monthly basis.

Each software release is accompanied by a detailed description of the introduced corrections and/or additions so that our customers can decide whether it is critical to implement this release in their environment.

This release

This release of v15.0.1 introduces new software tools and features and also code corrections on v15.0.0 and the v14x branch.

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Known issues resolved in ANSA


Hot Points Info would launch the Parts Manager and could cause unexpected termination.

Shell Mesh

When generating a mesh with the MAP function, occasionally, mid-nodes on perimeters were missing (incomplete elements).

Batch Mesh

Tubes treatment in solid description parts could issue uneven nodes distribution. This occurred in 2nd order elements.

Data Management

The Change Representation window would not pop-up if no DM root was already set.

Connections and Assembly

The option Feature Angle was not taken into consideration for RBE3-CONNECTOR-RBE3.

Solver Decks

When selecting a contact from a contact list (i.e. Database Browser), the selected contacts would not become highlighted.

Deselecting nodes from the Database Browser list by clicking in the area of the column FROZEN_DELETE could lead to unexpected termination.

The fix options Move away and Collapse in Penetration> Intersection checks could lead to unexpected termination.

The INITIAL CONDITIONS that where contained in Include files would not be exported for Abaqus.

The axes might not be considered according to their denoted name for LS-DYNA.

Outputting Control keywords was erroneous and not processed by the ANSYS.

Exporting MASS3 elements of type Per Element Area for PERMAS could fail.


The function CollectEntities would take more time to collect materials from a hidden model than from a visible one.

For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.

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Known issues resolved in µETA Post-processor


Renaming a window would cause erroneous behavior.

In certain cases ANSA Part colors would not be read correctly from ANSA comments.

Supported Solvers

Reading certain LS-DYNA time history files could cause the unexpected termination of the MS-Windows 64 bit version of ?ETA.

PAM-CRASH implicit erf results were not read correctly.

For Abaqus results files, the Puck / Hashin Matrix failure criteria were not calculated correctly.

For Abaqus results files, composite results on Named Layers were not read correctly.

ANSYS composite results, read with the options Average of All Layers and Absolute of All Layers, were incorrect.

Aux force results from femzipped Nastran files would be read only for SUBCASE 1.

CBUSH results from femzipped Nastran files could not be read.

Reading Fluent .cas.gz files could lead to unexpected termination.

Reading Motran-format .im files, the eigenmodes’ animation would not be displayed correctly.

No results were loaded from the FE-Fatigue .csv files.

NVH Calculators

Contribution analysis from NX-Nastran .pch files omitted the Total selection in case of Modal Contributions from Struct.

TPA/NTF from single UNV component (LPA – Load Path Analysis) could not be calculated when only forces were available.

Cut Planes

Setting the Clip By Section option could lead to unexpected termination.

File Export

Unexpected termination could occur when saving results for visible beam elements in .csv format.

GIF animation files were recorded with one loop less than the number specified in the relative field.


The legend of 2D plots was not updated correctly when overlaying a session.

?ETA might block executing the script function CurvesTypesNastran


Several issues when opening or saving existing .pptx reports.

In certain cases inserting spreadsheets in slides would results in saving corrupt .pptx reports.

In the Spreadsheet Editor deleting numerous rows could lead to unexpected termination.

For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.

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Updated Documents

   - ANSA Users’ guide.

   - ?ETA Users’ guide.

New tutorials

   - ANSA: CFD – Model Comparison and update

   - ANSA: Exterior Acoustics

Tutorial files availability

The demo files necessary to cover the tutorials' documentation for both ANSA and µETA are available to be downloaded from our website

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ANSA files saved by all the first and second point releases of a major version are compatible to each other. New major versions can read files saved by previous ones but not vice versa.

The .metadb files saved with µETA version 15.0.1 are compatible and can be opened by earlier versions of µETA.

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Where to download from

Customers who are served directly by BETA CAE Systems USA. may download the new software, examples and documentation from their account in our server. They can access their account through the user login link at our web site
Contact us if you miss your account details.

What to download

All files required for the installation of this version reside in the folder named "ANSA". These files should replace any pre-releases or other files downloaded prior to that date.
The distribution of this version of our pre- and post-processing suite is packaged in one, single, unified installation file, that envoces the respective installer and guides the procedure for the installation of the required components.
For the installation of the software on each platform type, the following files have to be downloaded:

  • the .sh installer file residing in the folder with respective platform name, for Linux amd MacOS, 32bit or 64bit or
    the respective .msi installer file for Windows, 32bit or 64bit, and
  • the turorial example files that reside at the top level of the folder of this distribution.
  • In addition to the above, optionally, the µETA Viewer ia available to be downloaded for each supported platform.

The Abaqus libraries required for the post-processing of Abaqus .odb files are included in the installation package and can be optionally unpacked.

Previous software releases can be found in the sub-directory called "old" or in a folder named after the product and version number.

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