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ANSA Overview
Current Version: 15.0.1

ANSA is the leading multidisciplinary CAE pre-processor which provides full model build-up capability in an integrated environment. It is widely used across many industries including: automotive, aerospace, bio-mechanics, defence, marine, manufacturing, and many others. It is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development, implementing new and proven concepts that improve the CAE workflow. The advantages achieved by the synergy of these concepts make ANSA the preferred choice of CAE analysts.

ANSA, the powerful pre-processor developed to bridge the gap between CAD and CAE.

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• user friendly
• well documented user manual
• step by step tutorials The concept of model building is split into three stages, reflected in the layout of ANSA. This simple intuitive approach provides the basis for easy adoption for analysts in using ANSA as their pre-processor. Online help can be browsed through the ANSA Help Window, which provides searches and bookmarks. The analyst can read the well documented User Manual for more detailed explanations of the functions. Tutorials are also available which provide step-by-step instructions for discipline specific scenarios.

• time and work studies
• reduce interaction
• intuitive
• efficient
• consistent

ANSA's approach to the user interface is driven by time and work studies. It has been designed to reduce user interaction to a minimum and to provide consistency in operations. The clarity of the layout provides the analyst with direct access to functionality without the need to delve into layers of sub-menus. Functions are grouped based on entity type providing a focused domain for the analyst. High level tools provide further automation by guiding the user through the completion of various tasks.

• common interface
• tools interact

By integrating all the tools inside a single interface, ANSA:
  • minimizes errors of data transfer between programs,
  • reduces workload by not having to leave and enter multiple environments to perform the work, and
  • simplifies use by utilizing the same interface for all tools.

• major solvers
• major CAD formats
• product structure

ANSA communicates with the major CAD and solver formats to provide the analyst with the tools necessary to interpret and process relevant data. Interfaces to Product Lifecycle tools allow ANSA to maintain the CAD product structure in the CAE environment, while allowing the analyst to build the corresponding CAE specific data structure for the solver. This unique ability to handle both sides of the process positions ANSA as the pre-processor of choice for bridging the gap between CAD and CAE.

• C code
• code re-written from ground up
• works well on all platforms

ANSA is extensively tested to provide the analyst with a robust experience in the production environment. The portability of the underlying C language code provides a strong foundation for the consistency of performance on different operating systems. Or simply put, it just works.

• support for Crash, NVH, Durability, Structures, Aero, Thermal, etc.
• interoperable deck
• efficient re-use of data
• compatible

ANSA provides unrivaled support for major solvers through an Interoperable Deck that allows easy solver switching. Its implementation of the Common Model concept allows for sharing of data between different disciplines. The Interoperable Deck and Common Model provide major organizational efficiencies by minimizing duplicated effort.

• 64-bit capability
• algorithms
• fast
• large model handling

Support of the 64-bit platform has enabled ANSA to handle the ever increasing size and complexity of CAE models. Model sizes on the order of tens of millions of elements can be generated and visualized due to the efficient data handling and storage of the ANSA database. The algorithms are highly optimized for low memory footprint and speed.

• shortcuts
• XML Window Layout
• QT Window Manager

ANSA provides a fully customizable interface, allowing the user to drag and drop windows, create keyboard shortcuts and custom menus and rearrange the layout of the interface. These settings are controlled through the interface and saved in an XML template file. ANSA utilizes the QT Window Manager, so the look and feel of the GUI can also be changed to suit the preference of the analyst using the QT style manager.



ANSA Interface


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Interoperable Deck


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