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Data Management
Part Manager:

Every preprocessor has an organization for FE entities based on their type. Although this is very useful but it hinders the process when CAD comparison of parts and subsystems need to be dealt with. ANSA has added another dimension to the data management by developing a distinctive organization scheme where parts and subsystems can be grouped and stored accordingly. The iconic display helps in easier identification of parts. ANSA is capable of reading in PDM trees in various formats and part manager can replicate & manage them within its environment. The advanced functions of the tool supports multi – instanced parts and also allows user to perform part replaces from any other ANSA database. A direct analogy can be drawn between the ANSA’s part manager and common directory – based filing systems.

Properties / Materials Lists:

Properties and Materials are managed through an exhaustive list format. This ideology can be seen across ANSA’s environment since it is a simple of collecting like FE entities. These lists are interrelated such that entities can be referenced from each other. User can define new properties & materials specific to solver deck used. Also it list function allows for advanced filtering and sorting options based on the respective card values.

Material Database:

Each organization maintains elaborate material databases for their projects which are part of its modeling guidelines. These databases can be read and stored with in the ANSA database. These lists can be used to create the custom material lists for usage with a particular model and also form the reference data for performing the material validity checks the model. The database can be read as an input file of any of the supported solver deck or from a previous ANSA database.

Compare from file:

This is a very useful functionality housed inside Parts Manager. It is especially employed while working with study models. This tool can compared ANSA databases for changes in geometry, properties and materials. The user can interactively study the differences in parts or subassemblies. The one – one study of geometric differences is assisted by the model explode functionality incorporated in the tool.

Includes Management:

A fully competent tool has been devised within ANSA database to handle include files. It assists the user in management of imported include files, creation of new includes as well as control of the exported files. The total integration of the tool insures ample interaction with the model for an easy view; selection & arrangement of FE entities to the respective include files.

ANSA Database Management (ANSA DM):

The product design & development processes create & use a stockpile of data throughout the project term. These add up very quickly with each CAE operations and keeping track of such information becomes a laborious task. ANSA DM is a very advanced and comprehensive tool which is employed for high level data management. There is no need for any additional module installation to manage this tool, since it is created and maintain from the all familiar ANSA’s interface.

ANSA DM is all but an ingeniously structured directory tree, which act as a large repository for all CAE data. The database is organized based on the type of entities being stored, part signatures (id, version & mesh representations). The tool provides extensive functions to actively interact with the database such as:
  • DM check update: For easy tracking of updates to the database.
  • Part representation manager: Helps loading part representations stored in DM or create new ones at the instant.
  • Compare parts: Helps user to keep track of the part versions and updates.
  • Multi – Instance parts management.

Includes Management:

The management of includes files is efficiently conducted through the ANSA’s database browser. The user can handle imported include files, create or modify new include files and as well as control the output of these files through a single interfaces from the Includes Manager tab of the Database browser. The ‘drag & drop’ technique to include / exclude entities and the ability to interact with the graphics window make it a ‘no – hassle’, easy – to – use tool. Include file can be formed out of parts or subassemblies as per their definition in the ANSA part manager.



Data Management


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Parts directory in ANSA DM


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