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Geometry & Topology
Automatic Topology:

Geometry and topology healing has always been the core competence of ANSA. The software provides for various automatic functions to deal with such CAD issues. User can run a quick geometric check over the CAD model to easily identify and auto – fix issues like:
  • Gaps
  • Cracks
  • Overlapping, Duplicate and Missing faces
  • Trimming faces generated incorrectly.
ANSA has the ability to perform topology corrections based on a user – defined geometric tolerance, which it utilizes to auto – fix native CAD issues during file importation stage.

Feature Detection:

The various topological operations are further assisted through a feature detection function. These can be found across the tools in ANSA and help user in quick identification and selection of feature such as holes, fillets, tubes; etc.

Mid – Surface:

The TOPO menu in ANSA contains a whole gamut of functionalities to achieve quick mid surface extraction. The skinning operation of sheet – metal parts can be integrated to run through the scripts to run in a gui – less batch mode for rapid mid – surfacing on large databases. User has access to various CAD – like functions that can be employed for mid – planning of plastics. ANSA’s intuitive tools allows user to take a fresh approach towards this previously painful and laborious process.

Geometry Creation:

New geometric entities can be created in ANSA from scratch. The capability of creating entitles such as surfaces, faces, curves, points in 3 – D space means that the user can build models ground – up from a clean canvas. These functions are also prove to be of great advantages in geometry error corrections and are frequently contracted into such use especially on native CAD (iges, Step) format files which contain limited topological information.

Geometry Preparation:

A clean and error free geometry is the base for an accurate FE model. The approach to handle CAD models as close as possible like a CAD package entails for ANSA to provide users with uncomplicated geometry manipulation tools. These requirements are efficiently satisfied through a collection of such functions. Operations such as surface extension, face trimming, plane cut, fuse and automatic Identification and fixing of duplicated faces are a few among the many such intelligent tools which ANSA users have at their disposal. A geometry check tool further ensures that none of the error are missed or carried over to the next stage.

Geometry Link:

Geometric entities can be linked across the model in ANSA. This reduces the duplication of operations that a user needs to perform on identical or symmetric parts. Modification of fillets and flanges, removal of holes, offsetting faces, projection of connection points, etc. are performed only on the one side, and the link synchronizes these to affect both sides. Finally, during meshing, only faces on one side of the symmetry plane are meshed, since the linked ones obtain identical mesh.



Geometry Check


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