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User Toolbar:

The User Toolbar function in µETA provides as simple method to create a user specific post - processing interface. These toolbar can either be analysis - oriented or just an individual's frequently used commands. These toolbars can be define within µETA using the Toolbar Designer or inside the META_post.defaults file using any text editor.

This greatly enhances the efficiency of post - processing by providing a "One interface for all" environment to the user. These toolbar can be saved and shared between users or groups involved in similar operations.

Session File:

Session Files can be used to automate a complete post - processing operations. These files can be created by just recording the post - processing functions or can be created using a built - in µETA Session Editor. The editor provides a complete syntax checking and debugging functionalitites. The parametrization with the use of µETA varibles makes it easy to incorporate its applications on an arrays of jobs. Session files can be executed upon µETA start-up with the option of initializig the session variables. This allows it to be used in a batch mode without the need for GUI. They can also be executed as macros using a simple user - defined keyboard shortcut. They also have the capability to incorporate conditional statements.

Script Editor:

µETA has a full - fledged scripting capability with its own editor to manage BETA scripts. The BETA scripting is a C - like language, which enalble the user to combine all µETA commands with programming capabilities. The scripting capabilities give user access to model entities, results in both 3D animation and 2D plot windows. This allows for the user to manipulate data from entites such as nodes, elements and data curves. The scripting functionality can also be acessed from within other µETA tools such as annotations and 2D plots, etc. The script can be created and run from within µETA's GUI or it can be part of a Session file.


µETA can run any executable outside of its environment as a plugin. This means an astronomical jump in automation capabilities of µETA since it allows for users to use a multitude of external programming languages or applications that they may be comfortable in, as long as it can write to the standard output. Special post - processing operations which are complicated to automate using simple sessions can now be done externally through the use of some advanced features of other programming language.
User Toolbar


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