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NVH Tools
Modal Model Builder:

µETA offers a Modal model builder (MMB) tool where the user can easily build NASTRAN modal models given its normal mode results. The modal results in the op2 or punch file format can be read into the MMB tool and the specific modes can be included /excluded from the modal model. Appropriate Damping can be applied, either by reading from a NASTRAN deck or manually. The user can select the output nodes that will be part of the modal model, either by selecting the PLOTEL nodes or by manually picking the nodes from the screen.

Modal Frequency Response tool:

Modal Frequency Response and Modal Transient Response for a particular node of the model can be calculated inside µETA, given the normal mode results from NASTRAN and the dynamic loads. This is similar to the SOL 111 and SOL 112 in NASTRAN. The user can provide the appropriate modal damping for the calculations. The dynamic loads can be created manually inside µETA or can be read from a NASTRAN deck. The user can include/exclude specific modes in the calculation. Once the results are read, the user can plot the frequency/transient response directly from the tool by picking a desired node.
As part of this tool, the user can also create Acoustic coupling between structure and cavity. µETA can read NASTRAN and AKUSMOD coupling from a file and apply the coupling for calculations. Acoustic coupling can also be created from scratch inside µETA.

Part and Multi model statistics:

Two tools are available within µETA for detailed recording statistics for models. Part statistics includes detailed information regarding the selected model and the current state. The user can filter and focus on specific PIDs which, for example, may have a high stress/strain. Multi model state statistics is a table displaying information on Maximum and Minimum values of results at All entities (Parts, Nodes, Elements and Groups) level, for every state, every cycle (in case of Design Optimization results) and for every available model.
Both recording tables comprise comprehensive, completely configurable, spreadsheets, for all available results of models, offering the option to save data in HTML and csv format. Moreover, Statistics table can be synchronized with the States for automatically updating values according to the current state.

Report Composer:

µETA offers a Report Composer tool to facilitate fast and effortless communication of results across departments. Reports are readily generated based on interactively built templates. The report can be generated in either HTML or PPTX format and the composer supports texts, tables, images, embedded objects and links. The concept of the Report Composer is to create the templates once and then set up the report interactively. Once this is accomplished then the user can save the created session file and run this session every time a report needs to be created.



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